Riverside Airshow
6951 Flight Road, Riverside CA 92504
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26th Annual Airshow - March 24, 2018 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Riverside Airport - 6951 Flight Road - Riverside, CA 92504

Julie Clark

A pilot for more than 45 years and a retired Northwest Airlines Captain, Julie Clark has logged more than 33,000 accident-free hours in the air and is rated in more than 66 types of aircraft. During her 36 year career as a solo aerobatic air show pilot, in recognition of these amazing accomplishments, Julie has earned the admiration of fans everywhere and received many awards and honors.

Julie has recently added a new dimension to her T-34’s performance with the addition of Electroair’s, state-of-the-art electronic ignition system, coupled with Tempest high-energy spark plugs to her Eagle Engine by Ameritech. It produces approximately 300 hp and is coupled to a Hartzell three-bladed Designer “Prop” by American Propeller.

Restoration fans will appreciate that Julie bought her Beechcraft T-34 in 1976, sight unseen” at a government surplus auction in Anchorage, Alaska. Julie personally and painstakingly restored her Beechcraft T-34, dubbed “Free Spirit.” With its creative version of the “Air Force One” paint scheme, Julie’s T-34, is meticulously maintained and continuously upgraded. The result is the most beautiful T-34 you will ever see!

Spencer Suderman

Spencer Suderman became the Inverted Flat Spin Guinness World Record holder on March 13, 2014 after completing 81 full rotations from a starting altitude of 23,000' with a clean recovery to straight and level flight at 950' above the California desert! Spencer will demonstrate the Inverted Flat Spin on March 8th at the 23rd Annual Riverside Airshow at the Riverside Airport.

Spencer began his flying career while in college in the late 1980's and quickly advanced from private pilot to commercial pilot with an instrument rating. In 2002 he became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) and now holds an FAA unrestricted Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card allowing him to perform solo and formation aerobatics down to surface level.

Chuck Coleman

Chuck Coleman will perform his airshow airobatic routine in his Extra 300L! Graduating from the University of Michigan in 1985 as a Cume Laude Graduate, Chuck has engineered, assembled, installed, and tested many different aircraft productions.

Chuck Coleman has performed in hundreds of airshows and also has 6,200 hours logged of flight times. With over 1,000 of those hours in aircrafts he contructed himself, and his vast knowledge has seen him fly over 140 different aircraft types. Chuck's experience and expertise will be a huge addition to this year's Airshow!

Jon Melby

Jon Melby is an Airshow pilot with over 35 years of flying experience. At age12, Jon had the opportunity to meet the legendary Airshow pilot, Bob Hoover at a local Airshow. Bob’s sincerity and great personality gave Jon the inspiration to pursue his dream of flying. The aircraft Jon flies is the awesome looking Black/Yellow factory built Pitts “Muscle Bi-Plane”.

With the wide variety of performers and aircraft on the airshow circuit today, Jon has chosen to concentrate on flying freestyle maneuvers in a modern bi-plane. The bi-plane has a classic look, but Jon keeps the audiences attention with his aggressive performance style.

Vicky Benzing

Born and raised in California, Vicky Benzing is an accomplished pilot, skydiver, aerobatic performer, and air racer. With more than 7500 hours of flight time and over 1200 parachute jumps, Vicky has a passion for everything airborne. Her flying career has spanned over thirty years and she currently holds an airline transport pilot rating as well as a commercial rating in helicopters, seaplanes, and gliders.

Vicky’s beautiful Stearman was manufactured in 1940 by the Boeing Aircraft Company for the use as a military trainer in WWII. Except for the engine and a smoke system, Vicky's airplane remains as originally built 75 years ago (I.E. Two ailerons instead of four like most airshow aircraft, and no inverted fuel or oil - hence it takes 2 hands on the stick to roll it and she must keep positive g’s on the aircraft or the engine will quit).


On July 6, 1943 a new camouflage painted C-53D "SKYTROOPER" came off the Douglas Santa Monica Assembly line.

This aircraft trained with the 101st Airborne (Screamin' Eagles) and the 82nd Airborne (All American) to participate in the D-Day invasion of Europe.  She flew three missions over June 6th and 7th, 1944 and went on to fly three more missions over Europe.

Donated to the Commemorative Air Force and assigned to the Inland Empire Wing at Riverside Airport, she was affectionately restored to full military configuration and flight statue. Restored as close as possible to look exactly as she did on D-Day.  She now flies from the Riverside Airport as "D-DAY DOLL".

CJ6A NanchangSmoke-N-Thunder Jet Truck

Hot Streak II is a twin jet engine 57 Chevy Pickup capable of speeds of 350+MPH entertaining fans across the country for over 20 years.

T6-FOrmationT-6 Formation

Formation flying is the disciplined flight of two or more aircraft under the command of a flight leader. In civil aviation, formation flying is performed at air shows. Classic WWII aircraft in precision formation flight.

John Collver & His T-6 Texan John Collver and his T-6 Texan

After serving on the Board of Directors for the International Aerobatic Club he went on to airshow flying. He really wanted to break in show flying with something different. So, instead of a small aerobatic type aircraft, Collver bought a big Warbird -- the North American AT-6/SNJ Texan. That was nearly 20 years ago. Now, after a decade, there are more than a million people that see the thrilling yet informative demonstrations put on by Collver and his big AT-6 Texan annually!

Just in Time SkyDivers T6 Formation Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Truck
John Collver's Warbird T6 Formation CJ6A Nanchang


The annual Wings And Fins at the Riverside Municipal Airport is always a favorite with the crowds.

The IECCC supports car & truck hobbyists by coordinating the scheduling of car/truck shows, cruising runs, club events and cruise-ins and other organizations that do the same and supports community causes/events of the Inland Empire Southern California Region. The IECC also encourages the preservation of driving, and showing of old cars or vehicles.

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