Riverside Airshow
6951 Flight Road, Riverside CA 92504
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About the Airshow
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Airshow Schedule

26th Annual Airshow - March 24, 2018 - 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Riverside Airport - 6951 Flight Road - Riverside, CA 92504

Tentative Schedule - Subject to Change!

7:00Airshow Pancake Breakfast on the Ramp
9:30Airport closes for Airshow 2017
9:50Just In Time Skydivers Jump With American Flag
10:05Welcome Address by State Senator Richard D. Roth; Mayor William “Rusty” Bailey; 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Soubirous; Introduction of City Council; Other Dignitaries; Airport Manager, Kim Ellis; Air Show Board Members; Airboss, Todd Nash; Airshow Chairman Mike Lindgren and Airshow Coordinator Tom Miller
10:15KC-135 Fly-Bys
10:25Vicky Benzing Boeing Stearman Aerobatics
10:35Jon Melby Bonanza Aerobatics  
10:45John Collver’s T-6 “War Dog” Aerobatics
11:00Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Truck Demo & Race with John Collver
11:10Chuck Coleman Extra 300 Aerobatics
11:20Jon Melby Pitts Muscle Bi-Plane Aerobatics
11:30Spencer Suderman METEOR Pitts Aerobatics
11:45Julie Clark T-34 Mentor Aerobatics
12:00T-6 “Texan” Formation Fly-bys
12:15Corona Remote Control Club Demonstration
12:30Riverside Police Department Helicopter Demonstration
1:00Riverside Police Department K-9 Demo in front of announcers stand
1:30Just In Time Skydivers
1:45Vicky Benzing Boeing Stearman Aerobatics
2:00Jon Melby Bonanza Aerobatics
2:15Chuck Coleman Extra 300 Aerobatics
2:30Spencer Suderman METEOR Pitts Aerobatics
2:45John Collver’s T-6 “Wardog” Aerobatics
3:00Smoke-n-Thunder Jet Truck Demo & Race with John Collver
3:15Jon Melby Pitts Muscle Bi-Plane Aerobatic
3:30Julie Clark T-34 Mentor Aerobatics
3:45U.S. Air Force C-17 Departure and Short Field Take-Off
4:00U.S. Marine Corps V-22 Osprey Departure and Fly-bys
4:15CAF and Mixed Warbird Fly-bys and Departures
4:30End of Airport Open House Program and Airshow 2017